Meet the team

Sarah Gun

Founder & CEO,
GOGO Foundation

Sarah is an award-winning social entrepreneur and champion for a socially equitable world. The social enterprise she founded in 2012 created jobs for over 85 women on their journey out of homelessness in its first 5 years. To expand this work, Sarah established the GOGO Foundation and is motivated to eliminate the impact and inequality created by period poverty across Australia. Sarah will leverage her deep partnership networks across Australia to build a movement to influence policy and drive system change.

Nikkola Palmer

Period Revolution Lead,
GOGO Foundation

Nikkola is an expert in strategy, writing, program development and communications at GOGO Foundation. Having worked across multiple sectors including refugee resettlement, international development, education and community development, Nikkola is drawn to collaboration with passionate people on movements and projects that seek to better our world. She sees menstrual positivity as a key to opening up all aspects of gender equity, creating a better home for all of us on planet earth.

Harriet Gun

Design & Digital Specialist,
GOGO Foundation

Harriet is a graphic designer, creative content producer, ideas woman and digital specialist. After several years of exploring the world she has returned to Adelaide to create content for GOGO Foundation and Breakthrough Mental Health Research Foundation. Harriet wants to make the world a better place through art and design, sprinkling her creative flair on everything she touches with clean, concise and effective designs. Passionate about menstrual positivity, her ultimate goal is to abolish stigma around menstruation and mental health.

Meet our Advisory Board

Felicity Chapman

Felicity is a proud Aboriginal woman born on Wiradjuri country and living on Ngaro country. She is committed to learning, honouring and preserving the ancient Aboriginal culture. Felicity is also is passionate about supporting individual indigenous people, their families and mobs and finding opportunities for them to share their gifts and culture with the wider community.

Recovering from a life altering brain aneurysm bleed in 2017, weaving and photography became an integral part of Felicity’s rehabilitation and healing journey, and integral to helping her manage life with a disability. Felicity combines her love of weaving with her skills in healing to create an arts practice that transforms client’s lives on a physical, mental and emotional level.

Felicity is also a qualified natural therapist who supports women to gain and maintain reproductive health whilst teaching them how to build self-confidence and resilience. She is a qualified Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy ® practitioner, and Australian Bush Flower Essence, Reiki & Crystal healing practitioner and masseur. 

Jane Bennett

Jane is the founder of the Chalice Foundation and a social worker, researcher, writer and educator with nearly 40 years in practice. After experiencing the revelations of Natural Fertility Management in the mid-1980s Jane began working as a Natural Fertility Management counsellor, then trainer and later authoring The Natural Fertility Management Kits with Francesca Naish.

Jane launched Celebration Day for Girls in 2000, Cool on the Inside in 2002, Fathers Celebrating Daughters in 2004 and Mense-Ed in 2016. Jane co-created The Rite Journey girl’s Year 9 program, and continues her long-standing role with Natural Fertility Management.

Jane is the author of A Blessing Not a Curse and Girltopia, and co-author of About Bloody Time – The Menstrual Revolution We Have to Have, Woman Wise Conversation Cards, The Complete Guide to Optimum Conception, The Natural Fertility Management Contraception Kit and The Pill – Are You Sure It’s for You?, and is eternally passionate about nourishing healthy curiosity and best-practice self-care for women and girls.